Welcome to the homepage for the best impromptu speaking app – Impromptu Shuffle!

This app is incredibly useful for anyone learning impromptu speaking for forensics competitions – either high school or college.  It could also be useful for any aspiring public speaker who wants to improve their impromptu public speaking skills. The app will randomly select three quotations and time your prep/speech. If you have 7 extra minutes you could be practicing impromptu on your smartphone or tablet!

NEW: Android Version now available for Download through Google Play!

New in version 2.0 (available currently for iPhone/iPod/iPad only) is the ability to email your coaches audio files of your speeches for feedback! View the Screen Shots page for more information about all the features.Featuring a database of over 10,000 quotations and 1,000 abstract topics drawn there are hundreds of millions of different combinations of quotations ensuring a diverse practice set.  The app also features a built in timer to allow you to time your preparation and speech.  Every 30 seconds the device will vibrate so you will be


Tournament Director? Access the impromptu quotation generator feature to create impromptu topic sheets for your tournament for free!

Impromptu Shuffle was created by Danny Cantrell, Director of Debate at Mt. San Antonio College.  Danny competed in impromptu speaking in high school and college.  He has also been coaching students for the past eight years including multiple tournament winners.