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Apple iPhone/iPod/iPad version (Jump to Android Screen Shots)

Impromptu Shuffle v2 features a database with over 10,000 quotations and 1,000 abstract words to give you a tremendous set of practice topics.

Here is the main screen which lets you shuffle the topics by pressing the big green button at the top:

Here is the screen with a random selection of topics:

Simply tap on a quotation to be brought to this new screen giving you a clearer view of the topic along with the timer and audio recording options. Here is a picture after pressing the “Start” button to start the timer:

Here is a screen shot with the timer and audio recording in action:

Once you are finished press the stop button to stop the timer and audio recording. You can hear your recording directly on this page by pressing the play button or by pressing the “Back” button at the top and navigating to the “Speeches” page:

After selecting the speech you are presented with options to listen to the speech, email the audio file, or delete the speech from the app:

Finally, Impromptu Shuffle v2 has a new settings page which can control what types of topics appear and automatically fill in an email address when emailing the audio file:

There is also an option to rate the app if you would be so kind to leave a few nice words!


Android Version 1.0 Screen Shots: